Jackson 5: Boston sports figures and their superhero counterparts

By Aaron Jackson,

Last week, when I went to see Super Troopers 2, I stumbled upon quite the sight – lots of super heroes. It still surprises me to see grown people go to the movies, in a dark room, dressed as their favorite character, but kudos to them for the commitment. They were of course there to see the new Avengers movie, which has more superheroes than I knew existed. As these types of things tend to do, it got me thinking of who our favorite Boston sports figures would be if they were superheroes. Here are some thoughts:

1. Tom Brady – Captain America: This one took about .2 seconds of thought. I’ve heard him compared to Superman plenty of times, but I don’t buy the comparison. See, the thing with Superman is that he has otherworldly powers, because, well, he’s an alien. He was born special. Captain America on the other hand was rejected from enlisting in the military because he was “too frail”. Brady was largely rejected by the NFL for flaws as well. Eventually Captain America becomes the test subject to a risky, albeit successful, treatment by a doctor (I’m looking at you Alex Guerrero), and becomes the hero he was destined to be.

2. Rob Gronkowski – Incredible Hulk: This one is also pretty obvious. Hulk is incredibly strong, a physical marvel, but not incredibly bright. Sound familiar? This is too easy.

3. Kyrie Irving – Black Panther: If you haven’t seen the recent reincarnation of this superhero, you should. It’s good. To recap slightly without giving away too much, T’challa, the Black Panther, is living the good life until his father dies, and he needs to lead the people of Wakanda. He then decides he wants to lead them, but eventually is injured to the point where everyone assumes he’s dead, and then Michael B Jordan takes over. In the end though, he comes back and leads his people to victory. In this case I’d say LeBron is his dad, Kyrie got out from under his shadow, he looked like the leader of the East before being out for the year, and then the Sixers played the role of Jordan, swooping in to steal the show. Next year though, with Irving back and the Celtics will claim their rightful place as the top team in the East.

4. Bill Belichick – Professor X: The man who created the X-Men and the man who made the Patriots relevant share a lot of similarities. They both know how to make large egos set their personal goals aside for the good of the team. They both make choices that in the moment seem wrong, but typically end up working out. And they seem to have a sort of mind control over their opponents.

5. Craig Kimbrel – Human Torch: One of the Fantastic 4, the Human Torch can create fire whenever he desires, much like Kimbrel can come into the game and throw heat at opposing batters. Also, like the Human Torch, he’s prone to not performing well in situations that he’s not mentally prepared for (non-save opportunities), but they both leave a path of destruction in their wake more often than not.

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