Jackson 5 – Super Sunday in New England

By Aaron Jackson
Sunday is a big day for New England sports fans as both the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots have big games Sunday night. Let’s take a look at the five most important athletes if we’re to be going to bed happy.

1. David Price: I’ve made no secrets my feelings on him. I once was the only defender of him on The Drive, but since then the roles have flipped and I’ve become the most critical, calling him “The Gremlin” (is only useful and effective in certain situations) and “Fools Gold” (makes you think you’ve got something valuable ’til it comes time to cash-in). I hope he proves me wrong this Sunday, and he certainly had success against the Houston Astros in the regular season, but I have a bad feeling about him. I just think pressure bursts pipes when it comes to him on the mound.

2. Pat Mahomes: He’s certainly shown his abilities so far this season for the Kansas City Chiefs, but his pace has slowed in the last couple of weeks as the NFL adjusts to him. Bill Belichick is better than anyone at many rookie quarterbacks look bad, which is more or less what Mahomes is. If he can pull off some of the Brett Favre-like plays against the Patriots it could be a long night for New England. It could also be a long night for Kansas City if some of his riskier plays backfire.
3. Mookie Betts: He had a relatively quiet ALDS, batting .188 at the top of the Red Sox order. That was okay because other players picked up the slack, but for Boston to succeed against the Astros he’ll need to be at his best. I’m thinking a couple of home runs, a .300 average and 6-RBI should do the trick.
4. Stephon Gilmore: Tyreek Hill is a difference maker in a number of ways for the Chiefs, and stopping him will go a long way to slowing down their offense. I expect Gilmore will get his opportunities to slow the All-Pro receiver down, and hopefully he’s up for the challenge.
5. Craig Kimbrel: If Boston is to win against Houston they’re going to need more out of their closer, who closed out two games in the Yankees series but didn’t look great in the process. He certainly has earned the benefit of the doubt with his career numbers, but some players just can’t figure out the postseason. He’s got something to prove in this ALCS.