Jackson 5 – Reasons to be thankful

By Aaron Jackson,

It’s become fairly cliche to write a “reasons I’m thankful” article around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving for obvious reasons. But sometimes cliches are okay. After all, something wouldn’t be overused if it wasn’t good, right? So partly because of that, partly out of laziness, here’s my top-5 sports related items I’m thankful for this holiday season.

  1. Boston Red Sox: How ridiculous would this list be if they weren’t number one? I imagine anyone reading this probably wouldn’t take it very seriously without them, so lets get it out of the way right off the bat. WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! And they did it fairly easily too when you down to it. There was some drama (Craig Kimbrel single handedly took 5 years off most New Englanders lives) but in the end they were the best team in baseball really from the first week of the season to the end. That’s so rare for a team to do, and I am truly appreciative they were able to do it.

  2. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick: These two could have ridden off into the sunset a couple of years ago after beating the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl and I don’t think anyone would’ve blamed them. What else is there to accomplish? The answer is nothing. Right now they’re helping us stave off the inevitable: bad football. If we’re being honest these two have spoiled New England fans for 14 years now, and sometimes I think we should really take a step back from the day to day and appreciate that, because sooner rather than later we’re going to be looking at a Patriots team that considers 8-8 a GOOD season.

  3. Danny Ainge: There was a time not that long ago I was pretty critical of Ainge. His treasure trove of assets kept getting bigger while the team kept pretending to be a contender. But he’s obviously a much smarter man that I, and lately everything he touches turns to gold. Sure, the Celtics are struggling right now, but I have no doubt between Ainge and Brad Stevens things will get figured out, whether that means making a simple lineup adjustment or making a splash on the trade market.

  4. Maine Football and Maine Women’s Basketball: There have been some lean years lately for Maine sports. Years where the flagship programs looked to be sinking into the ocean. But these two have really stepped up their game against long odds and accomplished more than we ever expected of them. I’m excited to see just how far they can both go in the coming weeks and months.

  5. Our Listeners: Sure, we give you guys a ton of free stuff. And sometimes we let you on the air to give your take on what’s happening in the sports world, or in the Greenway Equipment Studios. But I’m not sure that’s enough. Fact is, without you listening we wouldn’t be here. Solari would be yelling at his tv like an old man because he can’t vent his frustrations on the airwaves. Jim would probably have 80 cats instead of the 15 he currently has. Mark probably would never leave his room. Sterling would be writing a weekly newsletter that he sends out to his mom and dad and that’s it. Cunha would be…wait, where is Cunha? And I would be spending my nights reminiscing about the time I got a chest bump from Tom Brady at Gillette when I was still at Channel 7. Oh who am I kidding, I do that anyway. Point is, without you guys our lives wouldn’t be as good as they are. And for that I am incredibly thankful.