Patriots continue to defy logic and reason

By Mark Paulette,

Expect the unexpected. That’s the number one rule when following the New England Patriots.

A 6th round pick turning out to be the greatest quarterback of all-time. Butler’s pick. 28-3.

Nothing about this franchise makes sense apart from the unparalleled success of a run which is now old enough to vote.

So it only makes sense that in a year when the Patriots were their most vulnerable, when Father Time seemed to be nipping at Tom Brady’s heels, that this team will once again play on Super Bowl Sunday.

There are no longer arguments to make. No matter how stacked the odds may seem, chances are Bill, Tom and Co. will forge a path to the top. It goes against all logic and reason. You can present as many factors as you would like, yet none of them matter. There’s only one thing that does. History.

A league which is constructed to exploit parity has been stuck on Groundhog’s Day for 18 years. For the third-consecutive year, the 5th time in 8-years and a 9th time in the Brady-Belichick era, the Pats will take their shot at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

And sticking with the unexpected trend, this season’s opponent will be the Rams of Los Angeles, with the game taking place 18 years to the day after the dynasty began with an unexpected victory over the Rams of St. Louis in Super Bowl 36.

To steal a line from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, “it’s time to finish this how we started it…together.”

Though, there’s no reason to believe this is the end for the Patriots, because that would simply make too much sense. Is the window closing? Who knows anymore. Just when you think you have a read on the Pats, they do the unexpected.

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