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The 2019 Boston Red Sox are not likable

By Mark Paulette, I will maintain, and argue with anyone who thinks otherwise, that last year’s Red Sox team was not likable. They were uber successful. They far exceeded expectations. But they were not likable. The team was machine-like. Play ball, win game, repeat. It was clockwork, and it was done at a clip few […]

Maine’s all-time MLB team

By Mark Paulette, This week’s MLB Draft saw Cody Lawyerson, from Moscow, ME, selected in the 14th Round by the Minnesota Twins. That got me thinking…what does the state’s all-time MLB squad look like? In total, there have been 76 players born in the state of Maine to appear in the majors. However, that list […]

Sox-Yanks is baseball’s biggest sham

By Mark Paulette, Red Sox versus Yankees. That used to mean something. It used to be political. It used to ignite passion. It used to capture attention. Now, it’s just a set of words that carry no greater meaning than any other. TV networks would have you believing the ‘timeless’ rivalry hasn’t lost a beat, […]